Drunk and Tired

Feeling a little flat

So it was a great weekend to go for a nice cruse up to my happy place. It’s only about a 4 hour drive through beautiful scenery along the lake and into the north woods. All is good for 90% of the drive but near the end the dreaded TPS tire low indicator comes on. Well most of the time this is just a matter of a tire just getting a bit low due fluctuations in weather hot. cold small valve leakage etc. So I don’t really put a whole lot of credence in the warning light and figure I’ll look at it at the next pit stop (piss,drink,gas…). So the opportunity comes to dive into the pits and I check the tire with my trusty tire pressure gauge. To my dismay the left rear was way off and in desperate need of some air. Much more than the usual 3 to 5 pounds it needed like 20 pounds. Now I’m worried but I’m almost there so pump it up and get on the road and hope it was and anomaly. Well about 30 minutes down the road the TPS lights up again and I realize this is now an issue. So another quick pit stop for more air and we arrive at the cabin. Of course it’s now raining so any investigation into the cause will be a greater challenge than anticipated and I’ll get wet. Tires don’t fail on beautiful days in front of a full service gas station that can patch your tire. I think it a natural law like the sun rising and the leafs turning in fall, it’s just the way it is. Needless to say we had pre-paid plans and a time that we had to be there and it wasn’t going to wait for my tire. So kind of like planning to take a electric car on a trip except instead of planning a route based on available charging stations I had to plan the route based on where I could get air. The tire would only hold air for about an hour at a stint. Taking a general review of the tire I could not see any big bolts or screws sticking out, the sidewalls were good and the valve wasn’t leaking. A mystery! So what better time to go on a pub crawl and drink to excess! Well I wasn’t going to let a 80% worn out tire dictate my fun in my happy place. I didn’t have to drive the crawl was via a trolley and there was air close to the parking lot for the trolley so I just have to keep conscious enough at the end to put some air in my tire and retreat back to the cabin. Well it worked out just fine, at least from what I can remember. The next morning my rubber nemesis was waiting for me and seemed to be upset that I had been ignoring it’s needs. The tire was really flat. Kind of a sports tire so the sidewalls are pretty short and stiff so I wasn’t dragging rim or anything as I slowly limped to the closest air pump. Of course the station just sold their last can of fix-a-flat the day before but had recommendations on where I might find more a town over. Well this being the country a town over is a pretty good drive but I made it. Bought 2 cans of fix-a-flat figuring I’d have a back up. Well it took me 2 cans to get home and the purchase of a 3rd can along the way. Nothing like a 4 hour drive waiting for the TPS light to go on or the tire to just self destruct at 70 miles an hour on the highway. As I noted these tire were 80% used up so when I got home I shopped for a new set. In the installer I asked to so the problem child left rear after they dismounted it from the rim. I was curious about what foreign object had impaled my tire. So they called me on the shop floor and upon inspection of the inside of the tire we couldn’t find a damn thing. I also wanted to know how fix-a-flat worked it’s magic. I’m thinking you spray the stuff in there and it drys and creates a rubber/ latex film to prevent the air from leaking out. Well that not the case at all. The stuff stays liquid and depends on the rotation of the tire to keep the pool plastered the surface and as air tries to escape out it take the liquid with it to slow the flow but not seal it at all. So if you have a leaky tire don’t expect fix-a-flat to heal but only get you far enough to get a proper patch or replacement. Most importantly don’t let it spoil your happy place it’s just a bump in the road carry on, work around it and enjoy what ever makes you happy life is to short. Like life it will be there when you have to deal with it so do it on your terms.

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